My favorite go-to lenses

Well hello hello! First of all I would like to say happy 2018! I’ve been gone for a long time. Last update was October 2017 oh my! I didn’t mean to abandon my blog I got off track but I’m back! This year I’m going all out! It’s not a promise but it’s a priority, I promise haha!

So what should I blog about? Hmm, let’s start off with my favorite go-to lens. I think every photographer has their own favorite lens on the go. I would like to share mine. I have two favorites. These are the two lenses I bring when I travel. It’s a must. Hands down!

The Canon 70-200mm f2.8 II
I label this my stalker lens haha just because it’s a zoom lens. Gotta have my shot without approaching the situation ya know? Lol. It captures close range nicely. It’s an amazing lens. It’s sharp and the bokeh is nice. Not only it’s a beautiful portrait lens but it’s well known for sports photography too. I use it for macro as well. This lens is pretty much everything.

Sample images I took
At the park




Street photography in Washington DC






The Sigma 20mm f1.4 Art
First of all, let me have a moment of silent here. This lens is my favorite! MY FAVORITE! This wide-angle lens is absolutely amazing! Sharp, fast, and produces great image quality. I use it for everything. This is lens is life!

Sample images I took7P5A2318It does an amazing job in the airplane…like literally ❤







So together they make a great combo for me. Canon for portrait shots and Sigma for wide. I can’t live without them.

I hope this help if you’re interested.

20180216_225218Both lenses are heavy and big but I guess size matter teehee! Happy shooting! 🙂


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Hi I'm Kue! I love photography. I would like to share the world in my eyes through my lens with you.

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