Spring in October

Hi guys I’m back! This is my first photo shoot this month. My goal was to shoot at least three personal session monthly but apparently time flies by way too quick I can barely catch up. It’s the peak of fall in North Carolina and these are the last blooms. There was a field of cosmos flowers but it was wiped out by the tornado storm last weekend. I’m sad because it was so beautiful and I love cosmos flowers. I think this would be my last “spring” photo shoot before everything turns brown….and cold!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy this post even though it’s just simple 🙂












Thank you Pa Xiong for being my muse for this last minute shoot. You’re always a great sport! And sorry about the creepy old man lol.

An old man stop by to take a picture of us on his cell phone while shooting. I guess people are intrigue by photo shoots?


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Hi I'm Kue! I love photography. I would like to share the world in my eyes through my lens with you.

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