Hmong-Chinese Doll Inspiration

Since Halloween is close by already, I was wanting to shoot a creepy doll concept inspired by dolls, lolita, and Asian culture. My original idea was to shoot in tradition Hmong clothes for a haunting vibe. I wanted something flashier so I went with a Hmong-Chinese outfit. After the shoot, the outfit is too colorful and fancy so it didn’t work with my concept haha. Nothing dark and creepy but just simple and clean but I will attempt another session.

This Hmong-Chinese fashion was very popular in the 90’s. As a child, I was never interested in them because I thought it was funky. Most of the outfits were pink. Pink wasn’t my color. Today, I think they are beautiful! I mean look at the design! So much time invested into sewing and beading. Just wow! Amazing!

As for the doll, they are so classic! I’m sure every Hmong family has them! They were  popular in late 80’s and 90’s. I remember my mother would go to Wal Mart searching for those dolls and she would sew many outfits for them. I’m sure that was a hobby for our elders at that time frame.

As always, I shot in natural light using a silver reflector. My camera is the Canon 5D Mark III using the Sigma 85mm f1.4 Art. I shot in wide open. If I haven’t mention yet, it is my favorite portraiture lens. Sigma didn’t name their art series for nothing.

Thank you Kalia Lo for being such a great model ( Shout to my lighting assistant. You did wonderful. I’m genuinely sorry I don’t remember your name lol. Mai Doua Xiong for being so kind offering her outfit. Last but not least shout out to my sister’s mother in law for the dolls. I know they are her pride and joy. She let me borrowed 5 of them but I only use one. One last person I shall credit. Zeng Xiong. Thank you for bringing the outfit for me. All of you are awesome for helping. Much appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you so much for stopping by til next time. If you have any questions, comment below. Have a blessed day!















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5 thoughts on “Hmong-Chinese Doll Inspiration

  1. Loved the style,
    Loved the concept,
    Really colorfully and beautiful..

    I really loved the doll too she pretty, do you have more photos of the dolls? I would like to see more detail work on the doll? Please!

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