Pretty In The Sunflowers

Did you know sunflower face toward the sun? That’s how sunflower got its name from. Interesting facts right? Haha! So, sunflowers were blooming everywhere in mid July and early August but I didn’t have the chance to shoot. Luckily there was a patch that was still at it’s peak near the end of August for me! I decided to do a Hmong inspire theme because I feel like I don’t embrace my culture enough. In two month it will be the Hmong New Year as well so do expect to see a lot of culture inspiration coming in.

The clothes my model Pa wore is mine. I thought it would be perfect for the sunflowers since it’s green and has colorful prints for a pop of color. As for makeup, well luckily she’s an expert at it because I lack that skills. All I did was told her to wear orange lipsticks and neutral eye shadows.

We shot at high noon in natural light with a silver reflector. I’m using the Sigma 85mm f1.4 art. It’s mostly my go-to portrait lens.

7P5A64817P5A6454 copy7P5A64317P5A6506 copy7P5A6490 copy7P5A64257P5A63987P5A64507P5A6379 copy7P5A63727P5A6417 copy7P5A6403 copycloseup


After the sunflower shoot, we moved to a new location just a few miles down the road from. Prior to the sunflower shoot, I got lost on the way and ended up at a big open field as I was making a U turn. These were shot with the Sigma 20mm f1.4 art (super wide angle lens). I had to carefully position myself to prevent distortion. I know it’s not an ideal lens for portraits but I’m not afraid to use it. If you carefully find a way to work with it, it’ll work! And it’s one of my favorite lens! So why did I use this lens if you ask? Because my 85mm was too close up it couldn’t frame the entire field 😉 7P5A65447P5A6584 copy7P5A66177P5A65737P5A65497P5A6557 copy7P5A6537


Last but not least, special thanks to Pa Xiong and her boyfriend Jim Vang for coming out. It was a pleasure working with you two. Pa, you always pull your A game! I could always count on you. And Jim, thank you for holding the reflector in the heat. I know it was tough! 🙂



Here’s a few snap shots that aren’t serious haha. We were just going at it for fun before wrapping up.


Thanks for visiting! Have a bless day 🙂


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Hi I'm Kue! I love photography. I would like to share the world in my eyes through my lens with you.

One thought on “Pretty In The Sunflowers

  1. So thankful that you love 📷. I do too for hobby. People think I’m crazy. I love 📷 because it’s only tool that can preserve our events of our life or time better and more accurate whether the event is happiness, sadness, or just a joyful moment.

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