Macro Photography On Budget

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Hi! Are you a nature lover? If you love macro photography and you’re on a budget, here’s an alternate option for you. I will guide you through what I know from my experience. When I was starting I couldn’t afford expensive macro lenses and I did not know there were such thing as extension tubes and filters etc. Trust me, I was totally a newbie. I was clueless.  I did tons of research browsing on amazon and ebay if I could find cheap macro lenses. I stumbled upon close-up filters. I was amazed lol. With no hesitation I immediately purchase them. It was cheap too so that was darn awesome for a struggling college student at that time 🙂

The package includes four close-up macro filter: +1, +2, +4, and 10x 7P5A7603

But before you order, you must check the circumference of your lens so it would attach properly on your lens! I didn’t know so I got the wrong one! I was heartbroken T_T  
7P5A7603 copy

In these sample images, I’m using a Canon 50mm 1.4 and I did not crop or alter the images in any way to avoid misinterpretation. I want to show you true results. I’m using a full frame camera (Canon 5D Mark III).

Here’s the regular shot. This was the closest I could get.

Now I attached the +1 close-up macro filter on my lens. This is the result.

Now the +2

The +4

The 10x

You could also stack all 4 filters together for its maximum strength but it’s fuzzy…not the best though.

My final thoughts on these I prefer the +4 and 10. I use the +1 for self-portaits (face) when I hand held my camera. The 50mm has a hard time focusing since my arm couldn’t stretch far enough. +1 is ideal!

Here is another option. The cheap kit lens 70-300mm. I purchased the Tamron 70-300mm because I want a zoom lens. It was my second lens in my camera bag. Funny story, I use my grant refund LOL. I didn’t care buying art supplies for classes. A new lens was what I wanted! It was only $170.00 but that was a lot. I couldn’t afford anything I was unemployed 😦 Right now it’s under $150. Super affordable! The lens has a macro mode. It does take great images but you need a tripod because it doesn’t have image stabilization.
Here’s my samples 🙂

There are two other options. Extension tubes and shoot in reverse with your lens. I’m sorry I don’t have sample to show you guys because I never use extension macro tubes before. I hope you find this post helpful. Happy shooting! Be creative go crazy! 🙂

Just for fun:
Here’s a few images I took with my Canon 100mm f2.8 II. My right hand holding the camera and my left with the bottle spray.

Thank you for reading. Have a bless day 🙂

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Hi I'm Kue! I love photography. I would like to share the world in my eyes through my lens with you.

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